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Monday, 11 June 2012

[PSP] .Hack / / LINK [JPN] Mediafire + Minus

Name - .Hack / / LINK

Genre - Action/ RPG
File Type - ISO
RAR Size - 780 MB (MF)
                       693 MB (Minus)


Note - Minus Link Added!! RAR Have Total 8 PARTS!!!


  1. is there any .Hack in english?

    1. actually i searched on the net and found these 2 links claiming to be english patched. . . kinda can you help me out a bit. im planning on buying a psp but i dont know a single thing about it. could you tell me which psp i should buy and how can i play these iso's on the psp. whats the proccess.

    2. Dude i can tell you how to put these games in your psp and Note that to play these games you will need Custom firmware mean you have to hack your psp And cant tell anything about which psp to buy :)

    3. what CFW that necessary to play ? 6.35 ??
      oh and for the psp , might be PSP type 2000 or 3000

  2. Gracias por el aporte y segun tengo entendido la version patch en ingles tiene muchos errores y por lo general se "traba" demasiado, asi que les recomiendo usar la version japonesa auqneu no entendamos nada, de todas formas en you tube pueden ver algunos videos traducidos del juego.

    Saludos. +10


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