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Saturday, 5 May 2012

[PSP] Grand Knights History [English Patch] Mediafire

Name - Grand Knights History
Genre - RPG
File Type - ISO
RAR Size - 492 MB


Click Here (Mediafire Folder)

Note - Check All The Link Before Download!!!


  1. What is the cfw that can play this?

  2. The password is wrong, cant extract this.. Whats the right password? Thanks..

  3. Password not working!!!

  4. This is the right password dont just copy and paste write it manually if you still get the problem that means rar is corrupted try repair the rar first. every rar have 10% recovery record

  5. Hi, I have tried the repair already.. When I do that, the file inside the first part become 2 of the same file (supposed to be 1 file only), when I repair again it became 3 and so on.. For password, I also already tried manually typing it and copy/paste too, same result.. What should I do now?

    Also for the "Fushigi no Dungeon Fuurai no Shiren 3 Portable" game, I have got the game in my psp but after the 1st opening screen, I pressed O (as required) but then black screen and then psp auto shutdown.. my psp version is 5.50 Prome-4.. Please help..

    Thanks Sheikh..

  6. Nevermind, I redownload the first part and I can extract it now.

    Thanks anyway Sheikh, Great website..

    One more question, I downloaded Prototype game from your other site.
    Its in Russian, how can I change the language to English?
    Please help, Thanks..

  7. there isn't any BGM in the game

  8. i can't dl anymore the acct has been suspended ... :[
    can u upload it again ? tnx

  9. Please,upload this game again.
    Nice site, nice job.

  10. it says teh folder dosn't exisr


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